What is Coworking Office and Why to work from here?

Thanks to mobile technology (laptops, cell phones), there are more people than ever who are able to operate outside of a traditional office space. Many are self-employed, many are remote employees and many work travelers. The default workplaces for these masses are usually home offices, coffee shops, and hotels. Which is really great. Unless

  • You are an extrovert and work better with more people than your pet.
  • Or you want very secure internet connections and other supplies.
  • Or you can’t be productive when there are piles of dirty dishes and laundry around.
  • Or if you’re establishing a new business and all you need is a steady flow of ideas, a room with whiteboards, people to take informational interviews and other such resources.
  • Or working from home and coffee shops hamper the professional attitude you would like to maintain.

Additional challenges to a traditional workspace

What are the expenses involved in setting up a new office and running it?

Capital Expense Operating Expense
High Fixed Deposit Monthly Rent
Expensive Furniture Electricity
Air Conditioners Internet
Printer & Photocopier Reception
Coffee Dispenser Other Clerical & Concierge Services
Internet setup with Wifi router Beverages (tea & coffee)/Miscellaneous
Electrical setup Depreciation

The decision of renting an office space demands the growth projection and team expansion plans for the future which are very hard to predict.

Besides, the space needs to be budget friendly with a low setup cost.

For a business trying to grow, all this is an unproductive habit of time, money and other resources.

  1. Why can’t the team focus on their core service/product and the rest is done automatically like a conjuring trick?
  2. Is the cost of hours spent in hunting an office place, setting it up, hiring for reception & clerical work and then holding a tab on all clerical jobs to ensure smooth operations higher than the opportunity cost?

Here comes Coworking Offices for rescue. We offer vibrant offices and individual workstations with a variety of services for the duration required (Days/ Months) eliminating the stress of annual contracts and work in a community, rather than operating in isolation.



Due to readily available infrastructure, you can commence working from day one. Even while travelling, you do not need to search for space to utilize your spare time. You can pre-book your seat in the preferable area and start working with all desired amenities. There is no restriction on increasing the number of seats in here, unlike conventional leasing. Where due to the limited size of the leased area, team expansion becomes difficult.

Budget friendly

We offer big spaces and diverse services. Due to economies of scale, we offer our services at discounted prices. We desire to share this reduced price with our customers. Hence, the cost per seat in co-working spaces are anywhere between half and one-third of conventional leasing costs.


Collaboration with professionals from other domains can help employees stay updated to market trends and enhance his/ her skills or integrate new skills. It likewise offers a chance to meet new talent and encourages knowledge sharing. This leverage is only available in a highly corporate area surrounded by big companies eventually at an expensive cost.

Rich ambience

Whether your business is analytical and number driven or a creative one, you get to make the best out of you and your team in a library style serious environment as well as a cafe style relaxed environment.

Enhance productivity

Having multiple branches in the future and through associations with operators who have spaces at multiple locations, you can provide the nearest options to employees—saving time and improving productivity.


The place is equipped with:

Enterprise Speed Internet Connection.

Unlimited Tea & Coffee.

Printing and Photocopying Facilities.

Wifi Enabled Meeting Room.

Reception Facilities.

Dedicated Telephone Connection.

NFC Based Access, CCTV Coverages.

Storage Facilities.

Open Air Cafeteria.

Other Clerical and Concierge Services.

Fire Detectors & Alarm.

Installed Fire Extinguishers.

Covered Car Park.

Additional Perks. (Hosting, Legal, Accounting, Lounge Access; all at discounted price)

Spacious desk and very friendly management!
Harnesh Joshi

Harnesh Joshi

Founder @ Anandi Productions
I had a wonderful experience at Mascots Coworking spaces. The great service and facilities coupled with reasonable pricing works for small business entrepreneurs like me. Will surely recommend Mascots to my contacts too.

Thank you for the flexibility and helping me with my meeting arrangements.

Sandra Barros

Sandra Barros

Founder @ Barros For Brand You
Calm work environment considering it is a co-working space. I was able to have good slots of deep work sessions while working there. Very friendly management.
Amit Badheka

Amit Badheka

Data Engineer @ Pykih
To be honest the first thing is the convenience of the location.It’s near to the major railway station so it’s convenient for my colleagues to travel and it’s not in a very crowded area of the city. The team at Mascots is very approachable. Whenever we go to them with any problem of issue, we usually have it solved immediately. Besides they are fun to be around, we crack a few jokes with them, have fun with them.
Craig Dsouza - Member @ Mascots

Craig Dsouza

Director @ ABO Controls
A lot of starts ups come here looking for space and I have seen them growing. The thing that I like the most about Mascots team is that they spread positivity around. The best thing is we have fun events at Mascots. Everybody is working here for themselves but we all stand united. That is the kind of approach and positivity we have in Mascots. The team is super approachable and they will make sure they provide you with a resolution as quick as possible. 
Aziz Sidhpurwala - Member @ Mascots

Aziz Sidhpurwala

Founder @ Jet Planners